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The 3 Grips

The grip is one of the simplest things to learn in golf but one of the most important aspects of playing your best. It takes zero athletic ability to grip the club properly and it is crucial in manipulating the club face efficiently throughout the golf swing. Having ball flight issues? Look to your grip.…

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To Pure or Not to Pure

We all know the days of walking into a shop and buying a club or clubs off the rack are long gone. Getting fitted is engrained in the brain and rightfully so. It absolutely 100% makes a difference, no matter the handicap or ability of the player. But to what extent does an aspect of…

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Srixon: What’s New For 2022

Remove Titleist from the equation and you have a real battle for market share in the golf ball department. In fact, Callaway has emerged as the strong #2 reaching the mid 20’s in market share behind the success of their Chrome Soft line. The company expects to own even more of the ball market by…

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Rogue ST vs. Stealth

It’s been a heavyweight battle the past few seasons to see who wears the crown of golf’s best driver. The big dogs Callaway and Taylormade are at it again with their 2022 offerings. SIM and MAVRIK were good. SIM2 and Epic Speed were great. How much better are the new sticks; or better yet, how…

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5 Biggest Misconceptions in Golf

You hit it better when you swing slower No you don’t. Never say slow. Instead think smooth. You hit it better when your tempo is nice and smooth. You still want speed. Even on a chip shot. Speed is the great equalizer. The key is to swing as fast as you can while still being…

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