Srixon: What’s New For 2022

Remove Titleist from the equation and you have a real battle for market share in the golf ball department. In fact, Callaway has emerged as the strong #2 reaching the mid 20’s in market share behind the success of their Chrome Soft line. The company expects to own even more of the ball market by the end of the 2022 campaign. This is exactly what they set out to do when they invested $50 million into their golf ball research and design plant. There are some major players when it comes to golf balls and there are some great offerings out there. Wilson, Bridgestone, and Srixon manufacture a phenomenal product but can often get lost in the shuffle; especially in the US. Srixon for one, has enjoyed success here in the states but have a tremendous following overseas in Europe and Asia.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

In 2007 Srixon purchased Cleveland Golf. Both are owned by Sumitomo Rubber, a rubber company based in Japan. Who is going to produce a better golf ball than Japanese engineers who specialize in rubber? That’s a good question and the answer is, not many. This year Srixon is launching a new offering in their premium Z Star family; the Z Star Diamond. The new ball was worked on closely and developed with the help of their tour staff players. “We like to look at the Diamond as a best of both worlds type of product,” said VP of Research and Development Jeff Brunski. Like the Z star XV, the Diamond produces high ball speeds and distance. But thanks to a slightly thicker cover, it also offers exceptional spin and control on approach shots.


Like the other Z Star models, the Diamond features the FastLayer Core. This core starts soft on the inner portion and gradually gets firmer as you approach the outer layer. This helps produce more speed while still enhancing feel. Another tour-quality Srixon staple at play here is the cover. SpinSkin with SeRM provides durability while still generating plenty of spin. The 338 Speed Dimple Pattern improves aerodynamics and adds consistency on windy days.

Now the big question: What type of player is the Z Star Diamond for? Let me simplify it for you:

Z Star: Offers tour level control and short game spin.

Z Star XV: Lesser spin and higher compression, but is faster off the face.

Z Star Diamond: Possess both the high speed and more spin. This means it will launch higher on the long and mid irons than the other 2 models.

If you have a lot of swing speed and want to fli9ght you ball lower, go with Z Star XV. If you are a little faster than average and like to work the ball and hit high spinning wedges around the green, go with Z Star. If you are around average to fast speed but would like to launch your irons higher, try the new Diamond.

Cleveland Golf

Divide & Conquer

Last year Srixon kicked it old school with the Q-Star Divide release. Reminiscent of the Ping balls from the 80’s that featured half and half colorways on the cover. I played the Q-Star a lot last season and feel it is the best 3-piece ball on the market. The ball looked really cool in the air, especially on wedges, and performed well. Due to the matte finish, the feel was a little more of a “thud” then I would have preferred. That characteristic is no more due to Z Star and Z Star XV entering the Divide world in 2022.


The Q-Star Divide obviously saw enough success to introduce the cover in its premium line. The 50/50 cover on the Z Star and XV is more premium in look and feel thanks to the pearlescent finish. As of now they are set to just be white yellow, but we may see more colors down the line based on success of the ball. The new Divide launches on 1/21/22 and will be available on

Enjoy the game and each other,

Seth Zipay – Head Golf Professional