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How to practice to improve (part 1)

I’m going to help you out by doing some posts on how to practice to actually improve your golf game and lower your scores. These tips that I’m going to give you are not going to be your typical type of tips on how to improve by practicing. And if you’re in the routine of…

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PGA Thoughts & Comments

Mito, oh no! Mito Pereira led the final round of the PGA Championship for 17 holes, and he stood on the 18th tee as the leader needing a par to win. He made double and finished tied for third. A lot of critics have blamed his decision to hit driver on the 72nd hole with…

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Be a Better Playing Partner

I’ve played with and seen many characters on the golf course during my career. Luckily, most have been great people and a pleasant experience. But I’ve seen my fair share of obnoxious idiots too. Read the room, observe, and be aware. Follow a little advice, and even if you can’t break 100, you’ll always be…

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The 3 Grips

The grip is one of the simplest things to learn in golf but one of the most important aspects of playing your best. It takes zero athletic ability to grip the club properly and it is crucial in manipulating the club face efficiently throughout the golf swing. Having ball flight issues? Look to your grip.…

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To Pure or Not to Pure

We all know the days of walking into a shop and buying a club or clubs off the rack are long gone. Getting fitted is engrained in the brain and rightfully so. It absolutely 100% makes a difference, no matter the handicap or ability of the player. But to what extent does an aspect of…

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