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Srixon: What’s New For 2022

Remove Titleist from the equation and you have a real battle for market share in the golf ball department. In fact, Callaway has emerged as the strong #2 reaching the mid 20’s in market share behind the success of their Chrome Soft line. The company expects to own even more of the ball market by…

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Rogue ST vs. Stealth

It’s been a heavyweight battle the past few seasons to see who wears the crown of golf’s best driver. The big dogs Callaway and Taylormade are at it again with their 2022 offerings. SIM and MAVRIK were good. SIM2 and Epic Speed were great. How much better are the new sticks; or better yet, how…

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Hot Off the Press: Callaway Apex UW

The discussion of proper gapping when it comes to wedges in a fitting is a popular one, especially with the emergence of stronger lofts in iron sets. Pitching wedges at 44° of loft has become the norm, so you’re seeing gap wedges approach 48° and 50° territory. The same needs to be addressed on the…

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