So why this pro golfer thought he would ditch practice rounds — and then played better

Eddie Pepperell used to play lots of reality rounds, now he does not bother playing any in anyway.

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There are few-people in the world of golf like Eddie Pepperell. He’s unconventional, helpful and outspoken. He’s should not afraid of wading into an array of controversial topics of the day — from Covid to LIV and beyond — also is humble enough not to ever begrudge those whose suggestions made differ.

It’s a confluence of houses you rarely see at the top of professional sports, and it concluded in a fascinating appearance on the latest Drop Zone podcast , organised by my colleagues Dylan Dethier and Sean Zak. With Sean abroad in Scotland, Dylan manned the wide-ranging interview about that left a lot to unpack. Sometimes of the most interesting stuff arrived when Pepperell dived interested in his own golf game.

By his own admission, Pepperell has been struggling ever since some pandemic disrupted professional the sport of golf. That checks out: He was jamming the best golf of former career in 2018 together with 2019. He won 2 times on the DP World Scan, finished T6 at the 2018 Open, took third together with the 2019 Players Championship not to mention rose to No . 32 in the Official World To their Ranking. But when the game’s various tours shut down, he or she figured taking six weeks back would be good for a constant back injury. Instead previously the unintended side effect of changing his golf swing — not for the better.

“It is technique, ” he admits that of his golf swing. “I am in very different places now than I was 🙁 Iron play is where the magic is in golf. It’s all sorts of things I used to do really well, to it’s something I’m using really poorly at times ok. ”

Ditching habit rounds

In cases where things in his game started off out going south, Pepperell feel what any motivated golfer would do: He started using harder. Though he’d always been a late arriver, he started showing up to tournaments concerning Mondays, or earlier, to screw extra practice rounds. Nevertheless , after finding himself tried and stressed, without any results to show for it, he made a decision to forgo them altogether.

“If there’s one hole me or all caddie feel we really strive see i’ll go leave there, ” he says. “But it’s usually all out for you, just hit the golf club shots. Today I considered a few bogeys with wedges and 9-irons, that’s must not not knowing the golf slots. That’s just being s—. ”

Pepperell says the biggest benefit toward skipping practice rounds could it be “frees up his agenda, ” so he can spend more time getting honing his process during those important meeting weeks. It also means that if he does get on site, he’s forced to be more efficient who have how he prepares as they has less time to shed. The twofold effect of that suggests his overall play is ordinarily sharper, which outweighs the advantages of spending more time getting to know that course.

“It doesn’t happen that often, ” he says, when Dylan asks if there are times unsure a course hurts his standing. “You can know a golf course inside and from, but if you’re not heaving to hit the golf photo shots, forget about it. ”

The strategy is very much working: After a string associated missed cuts, Pepperell contains two top-15 finishes within the last five starts (admittedly with some missed cuts for between). His T11 modern day weekend’s Cazoo Classic took note of his best finish since then 2020.

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