‘Why is my father’s love conditional?’ LIV press conference starts … bizarrely

From left, Carlos Ortiz, Branden Grace, Dustin Johnson on Friday during their LIV Golf press conference.


“DJ, personal question: Why is my father’s love conditional?”

They are playing the second event this week on the controversial, Saudi-backed LIV Golf Invitational Series, and the questions have followed in kind. To that point, here’s the opener from Wednesday’s press conference with Sergio Garcia, Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer: “Is there anything that the Tour could have done to prevent you from joining LIV? Also, are you at all disappointed in some of the comments that have come from the Tour since this all started?” And here’s the first question from Tuesday’s presser with Pat Perez, Brooks Koepka and Patrick Reed: “Brooks, throughout this whole process, you were vocal in your support for the PGA Tour in the past. What changed?”

So no, when Dustin Johnson, Carlos Ortiz and Branden Grace were greeted after Friday’s second round in Portland with the question in the first paragraph, they were not exactly asked about the DP World Tour, the PGA Tour, money or ethics. 

Of course, your first question then may be this: 


Here’s the scoop. The question was asked by Griff Pippin, one of four comedians who make up the Country Club Adjacent website. Last year, they heckled Bryson DeChambeau during his Long Drive competition. They’ve played a round with John Daly. This week, they recorded a podcast with DeChambeau in Portland and were on the grounds at Pumpkin Ridge. You get the drift. If it brings to mind the bit from a few years ago where The Tonight Show had players answer questions oddly at the Players Championship, we won’t totally disagree.(An email to the LIV Golf communications team was not immediately answered.)

And so it went on Friday with Johnson, who was silent for four seconds before lowering his shoulder, laughing and eventually answering. Here’s the complete exchange:

“You’re going to have to answer that one, bud. I can’t do that. I’m not real sure,” Johnson said, while Grace started to laugh. “I mean, you are fairly nice looking, but …” [Grace laughs again]

“What was the question? What was the question?” Ortiz asked. “I didn’t even understand it. What is he asking?”

“Why does his dad love him that much,” Grace said.

“Do you know why my dad’s love is conditional?” Pippin asked again.

“Why?” Ortiz asked, shaking his head.

“I don’t know, I’m trying to figure that out,” Pippin said while Johnson and Grace were laughing. “I felt like you guys would know.”

[Three-second pause]

“I really don’t see what he sees, but …” Grace said before all three players laughed.

Later in the press conference, Griffin asked another question, to Ortiz. Here is that exchange:

“Carlos, quick question: When you get mad do you prefer to cuss in English or Spanish?” Griffin asked of the Mexican-born player. 

Bryson DeChambeau at Pumpkin Ridge.

As LIV’s golf revolution arrived in America, here’s how it felt on the ground

By: Dylan Dethier

“Honestly it comes so naturally, either language, either/or,” Ortiz said. “Since I’m talking to Mike [Kerr, his caddie], it’s in English. I don’t know why, but if I’m …”

“If you shank a ball, what language …” Griffin started. 

“I don’t know, I haven’t shanked one in a while,” Ortiz said and laughed. 

“A really bad hosel rocket, what’s your go-to word?” Griffin asked. 

“Probably Spanish. If it’s really bad, it’s Spanish,” Ortiz said.

“But if it’s like a three-putt, maybe English?” Griffin asked. 

“Yeah, like s**t or something like that,” Ortiz said. 

“Yeah, that’s gold,” Griffin said. “I’m going to start using that.”

“Yeah,” Ortiz said. 

“Thank you,” Griffin said. 

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