Scan Championship: How weather has effects on play in Atlanta

Play at the Tour Great was delayed at one: 27 p. m.

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UPDATE: Play resumed found at 2: 25 p. b.

Storm in the Atlanta area up to now too close to East Lake Club set , forcing the PGA Journey to install play during the third return of the Tour Championship over at 1: 27 p. n..

The radar method a thunderstorm cell thriving in Downtown Atlanta, realising lightning strikes within 5-6 miles of the golf course. Some Atlanta-area has had a damp summer, already getting more come up with six inches of damp this month, as noted on a Golf Channel’s broadcast.

It doesn’t show up to have started raining toward the golf course yet, but the distance of the lightning strikes is actually for too close for PGA Tour officials to allow run to continue.

However , the see reopened the driving variety around 2 p. meters. and resumed play during the 2: 25 p. n. as the first storm slid to the south of the golf course.

The leaders bought yet to tee apart from for the third round. Sun is 8: 05 t. m. tonight.

The total delay will be 60 minutes and players may very well yet to tee without the will have their tee a long time adjusted by one hour.

The tour composed the controversial decision to learn lift-clean-and-place for the first two rounds due to the aforementioned, even though the course had dried out lots of to allow players to play some of the ball down. If there is a lot more delay and rain actually does fall on the golf course, the type of ball would continue to be acts as down until the completion of i would say the round.

This tournament could have issues with natural environment for the remainder of the few hours as the State Weather Service is expecting a 30 % chance of a thunderstorm through out the day, with that chance being mainly after 3 p. m.. Any chance for dust or a thunderstorm is is actually go down significantly by about several p. m. Saturday.

The forecast concerning Sunday also calls for a very 30 percent Thunderstorms around c p. m., as is typical to get Georgia this time of year.

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