Gambling Woods’ text game pointed as ever, according to this Person LaCava story

When Fred Wannabe parents got hot the Weekend before last, Tiger Woods ignited up caddie Joe LaCava’s phone with a few quips.

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When Fred Young couples got hot the On the before last, Tiger Woods couchette up caddie Joe LaCava’s phone with a few quips.

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Of the many items we know about Tiger Woods, we will add one more learning to the list: Sunday afternoons at the Timbers household are not a time for those who are NFL RedZone.

While most associated with the sports-watching public tuned back into football the Sunday prior to when last, Woods’ television turned out to be fixed on the PGA Recorrido Champions’ SAS Championship, at any place his good friend Fred Couples appeared to be on the brink of history.

As you likely know these days, Couples shot a unwise 12-under final-round 60 on the SAS, besting his period by three strokes plus claiming the title in the process. Trees and shrubs is no spring chicken very little. Now 46 and on unwanted side of several (well-documented) difficult injuries , he has developed a keen interest in the skill level and strength of an individual’s fellow players of an complicated age.

Tiger Woods smiles upon Fred Couples at 2022 Masters

‘ Are you watching this situation? ’ Why Tiger Woods were basically glued to his T . V last weekend

By: Kevin Cunningham

On this occasion, it made it easier to that Couples’ game the that Woods knows incredibly well — Freddie, after all, the of Tiger’ s full playing partners. Woods was regarded as all-in on Couples’ fantastic run, so much so that he defined as Justin Thomas to make sure Jones was watching.

“ I think [Couples] was on 17 or maybe a 18 and Tiger categorised as me, ” recalled Thomas , who at time was and watch the Chiefs-Bills game. “ He’ s like, ‘ Are you watching this? ’ I’ m like, ‘ Yeah, pretty good game. ’ He’ s like, ‘ No, Freddie’ s 10 under and he’ verts playing 18. ‘”

Across Thursday, Woods’ caddie Man LaCava doubled down on unquestionably the humor, sharing his written text conversation from that afternoon as well as Woods on Couples’ SiriusXM show.

“I did stick to it [Couples’ round] in the phone, and I got a new excited because I got the right text from my fashionable boss, Tiger, who understood, ‘Are you watching? ’” said LaCava, who currently looped for Couples. “ I knew exactly what he necessitated and I said, ‘Yeah, We will watching the Giants buy another victory. ’”

LaCava, who is a rabid New York Giants apasionado , was needling it’s boss, who quickly snuffed it out.

“ He acknowledged, ‘No, you idiot, I currently am talking about Fred, ’” LaCava said. “ I identified, ‘I know what you’re revealing. ’”

Then, LaCava accepted, Woods fired off some one-liners to his chariot.

“ He says, ‘I can switch to the yellow balls the way this thing is in business in the cup, ’” LaCava said with a laugh.

That is when came another.

“ The man said, ‘Thank gosh some other person can beat Y. At. Yang, because I couldn’t. ’ ”

This is what Sunday, LaCava’ s Giants take on an Seattle Seahawks, while the PGA Tour heads to the Carribbean for the Butterfield Bermuda Shining. Maybe it’ s returning to Tiger to invest in a second LCD TV.

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