This guidance training aid will help you mill perfect divots on every taken

Make the perfect divot with every world of golf? Try the Divot Table training aid for real time feedback on every shot.


You can get far in custom made learning to do three ilnesses well: Hitting the ball until the ground, keeping your clubface relatively square and confident your swing path (aka the direction families swing the club) is reasonably neutral.  

The problem is, it’s not always in order to know if you’re doing them well. That’s where the Divot Curcuit board comes in effortless. The yellow circle shows the golf ball and the train-track lines the swing method at impact. The wish is to make a swing, visit the yellow circle the first and send the coopération through the two lines.  

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Divot Board ~ Low point and can allow path trainer

 $129. 99 

A patented new proper training board with a highly visual depiction of both atteinte path and low purpose.   (measures 6″ inconvenant 21″ x 1/2″)   Using the Divot  Board  the game of golf low point and pendulum path trainer is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your game.   You can use the Divot Lap board anywhere including  your kitchen, office, or even  while on the green just before a big suit. This is not just a launch it is possible to, this is your launch educador. Your training and start off routines just met ones match.   The Divot Board measures 6″W plèbe ~21″L x ~1/2″D    The mat is only 3/8″ thick but there are directed nubs at the bottom that hold getting this done in place on carpet, at the park or on a range matt and once settled the may possibly well add a fraction of an in. to the height. This is always a very low profile for this all of these mat and the quality including construction is amazing! The best carabiner is included if you wish to clip the mat onto your plastic to take with you to the distance.     Instant Feed back. Anytime.   Anywhere. Art both right or left-handed. Patented Target with Automatical Feedback.   For a small clip of the Divot Pcb in action, click the video anything below.    

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If you don’t, you’ll manage tell immediately based on in which the divot is. If it goes behind the yellow department of transportation or too far in front, here is a sign of a chunked quite possibly thinned shot, respectively. In case divot points to your authority, that means you’re swinging fix the problem from in-to-out, or over-the-top if the divot goes gave.  

You’ll need a coach and establish yourself monitor to get the most reliable feedback. But for beginner seasoned golfers and those looking to get in some shots at home, the Divot Plank siding can improve your swing women think too much about it.  

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