This method sun hat will keep you comfortable and burn-free this summer

The Adidas THE GAME OF GOLF UPF 50 Sun hat.


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Entirely on days like today — 80+ degrees, high HOBBYIST index, not a cloud in the sky — sun protection is essential on (and off) the training. This Adidas Golf sun hat has UPF 50 shelter, and when you pair exactly who with your regular sunblock, you will stand a chance against the infamous and powerful sunshine around the course, on the beach, and after that anywhere in between.

It comes sized and has a variable rate drawcord, so it will appropriate all head shapes minus looking goofy. And, resulting from it’s white, it will reflect the light rather than absorb it, protecting you cool out there as well.

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Adidas Golf UPF Sun


All Adidas Golf UPF Hat features 100% recycled cotton dobby, removable drawcord using toggle, and UPF 50+ UV protection

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