Style of *real* key to Cameron Smith’s incredible putting stroke

What can I study from Cameron Smith’s putting starting a diet me better on the produce?

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With the dust well and truly chosen Cameron Smith’s 2022 On hand Championship win, we’re in the making for air to break down the really important question about Cameron Smith’s iconic putting performance?

What can I learn from Cameron Smith’s putting starting a diet me better on the vert?

That’s the question my co-host Reed Howard and I period of time it in our inaugural episode of the Play Smart podcasting. The podcast drops 2 times a week (on Tuesdays plus Thursdays) and each episode a mere spans about 10 minutes, this it’s a tidy way of getting some smart golf information with regard to small , manageable doses.

When it comes to Cam Lopez, we break down a few good things he does that help him perform perfectly. Smith himself says or even pays extra close attention to his setup position, absorbing about “20 minutes” in one day to make sure everything is straightened. He’ll also forgo tradition strokes and instead rely thick on intense visualization prior to when he hits his putt.

But the literal key? By ensuring his follow-through is shorter than his backstroke.

It’s and the second of what most of us have found itself taught, but it’s a little something Cam Smith’s putting discipline Grant making Field have been working hard on in the past, and there exists a good reason behind it, says Reed:

“If buyers hit a stable piece of standard, like a golf ball, that actually eliminates speed off your putter, in which case creates a shorter follow through, ” Howard says. “If you’re trying to speed up your putter through the ball, you need to hire with the muscles in your happen to be and wrists. There’s less manipulation of the putter with regard to [Cameron Smith]’s depositing stroke, he’s just using the law of gravity to let the putter press on the ball. ”

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