Doing this iconic par-3 just lost the fight ANOTHER hole-in-one — having an incredible twist

Cypress Point’s unbelievable par-3 16th hole around the globe yielded another ace, now with a driver from the down tee. But there’s great deal to this story.

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Cypress Point’s eye-catching par-3 16th hole exclusively yielded another ace, that time with a driver from the returned tee. But there’s a whole lot more to this story.

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The par-3 16th at Cypress Point is not what you could call “ace-able. ”

To remain fair, few par-3s display golfers thinking about holing out , but the antepenultimate hole when Cypress Point is especially averse to yielding 1s. Since 1945, according to a functional plaque at the club, solely 25 players (including Aol Crosby in 1947! ) have made an ace on iconic 16, which within back tees plays an overwhelming 230 yards over the churning Pacific.

Well, that was until finallyl earlier this month when Catholic Clark, a freshman with the Southern Methodist University play golf team, added his name to the listing , a feat not only was captured in camera but also caught along with of the GOAT himself. “Amazing, ” Tom Brady commented on Instagram.        

And then…it took place again.

Less than two weeks later, another golfer stepped on to the vaunted 16th 1st tee at Cypress — this moment with driver in hand —  and walked off the spot with a 1 . And, without, once again, the moment was revealed on video. Check it out at this website:

This story will possibly end here and still indeed be worth telling. But , shockingly, there’ s another perspective: in the group was the actual same member who had hosted Clark simon, meaning that member had considered two aces in 10 days on arguably the most famous par-3 in golf.  

“Ruben, what do you have to say with that? ” the member could be asked by the video present shooter when he arrived on the organic green.

“Highly unlikely, ” Ruben said.

A few moments later, Ruben was asked, “So you’ve seen two holes-in-one while in 10 days on this hole? ”

“Correct. ”

“Had you have ever seen a hole-in-one on this hole? ”

“I’d never seen one time period, ” Ruben said, popping up his group.

Cypress Point is ranked Number 2 in GOLF’ s most popular ranking of the Top 75 Courses in the U. Ring. In GOLF architecture editor Ran Morrissett’ s description of the guide, he called 16 “ the game’s most impressive and photographed hole. ”  

Fortunately, it is also on the list of videoed.

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