This is the most popular putting styles of last a long time season’s tour winners

These were the most popular putters and grips from the lastly PGA Tour season.

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At the end of every time period, when all the year-end betting are officially in the start, Nick Kumpis of Smartline Putting beings his zero tradition: He goes through most of the winners from the year because sees, quite simply, the basics associated what each of them are doing. How they grip the club, your current putter they’re using.

It always has an interesting look at what’s a favorite on tour, so time to take a look his posts cyber monday 2011.

What kind of grip style are masters using?

As you can see, when it comes the design of grip, almost 80 percent pointing to tour winners — and also eight of the top 10 in SG: Putting caused from last season — have got a conventional, reverse overlap grip on the club. This involves placing your path hand below your walk hand, with the index finger of your lead hand sleeping on top of the pinky combined with ring finger of your trail hand. The claw highest possible is conspicuously absent this key fact yea, and arm-lock making isn’t represented as much, decide either to.

“Only a single arm lock with Bryson DeChambeau not winning for the year 2003, ” he writes. “Always interesting to see what the excellent players are doing. Would have dreamed the alternate grips would only keep increasing but not for the year 2003. Traditional grip still the type of King. ”

What putter nature are pros using?

The place where the tour is more equally divided, however , is in the shape of putter they use. As Kumpis outlines, the winners were somewhat evenly split between cutter, mallet and wingback approach putters. Indeed, if you check out the latter two styles that, they come out ahead.

“If you consist of the mallet and wingback that type would have more earnings with 31 total, ” Kumpis writes. “So mallet type putters had more profitable last year versus blade putter. Might do one more by having brand of putter from the winning trades.

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