The majority of salary of a golf course superintendent (plus 5 other budgeting findings)

The 2021 GCSAA Compensation and Benefits Report attracted on responses to an using the web questionnaire filled out by thirdly, 320 members.

The post The average pay of a golf course superintendent (plus 5 other monetary findings) appeared incredibly first on Golf .

Some 2021 GCSAA Compensation and moreover Benefits Report drew to do with responses to an online form filled out by 3, 320 members.

Currently the post The average salary a golf course superintendent (plus 3 other monetary findings) appeared first via Golf .

Welcome to Super Secrets, from which we pick the brains using the game’s leading superintendents. Around illuminating how course the maintenance crews ply their sells, we’re hopeful we can not necessarily give you a deeper appreciation with the important, innovative work they but also provide you with maintenance poäng that you can apply to your own bit of patch of paradise. Excited gardening!


Most lucrative jobs in golf want to log into those who are really good at bumping greens. But people who are good at keeping to greens fail to do this do terribly, either.

Property, in fact , the average salary for virtually any golf course superintendent in the United States experienced been $97, 354. (By comparison, the average American worker garnered $53, 383 in 2021, according to the Social Security Giving. )

The superintendents’ size comes from the 2021 GCSAA Compensation and Benefits Story, the latest iteration of a biennial survey commissioned by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America . The findings draw by responses to an online questionnaire, which was filled out by 3 0, 320 GCSAA members flanked by December 2020 and Economy is shown 2021, representing a 43 percent response rate, which includes a 1 . 3 percent margin of error.

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With presenting their results, the particular report’s authors noted exactly where the findings should be taken as “guidelines rather than absolute standards, ” given the many variables a normal can affect compensation, including the scale a club, an employee’s prior work experience and the duration of their current employment.

Partake in everything sizes can also sway unquestionably the stats, the authors revered, as categories with little respondents have greater margins of error. But despite having those caveats, there’s ample to dig up in the data file. Here are five key takeaways from the report.

1 . The First State in the Organization is First in Average Net income

Among many other categories, the type of report breaks down average wages state-by-state. Given the cost of being, you’d expect places since California and New York to be high up on the list, and are. But No . 1 on that category might surprise you may: Delaware. Here’s a look at the most reccommended five.

1 . Delaware: $130, 011
second . Rhode Island: $127, 756
3. Connecticut: $126, 870
4. California: $125, 267
5. New york tri state: $123, 108
(Note: Delaware ever had only 9 respondents, rather than 119 for New York)

2 . Private Makes sense More than Public

Not all path are equally priced nor accessible. Not all pay precisely, either. Here’s a look at regular superintendent salaries, based on the entity type where they careers.

Private: $120, 002
Semi-Private: $80, 967
Daily Fee/Public: $77, 039
Municipal: $75, 934

3. Size Matters

Cardiovascular disease holes you care for, the often you earn. Here’s the ways average salaries compare on 9-, 18-, 27- or 36-hole facilities.

9 divots: $64, 873
18 holes: $94, 693
27 pockets: $103, 145
36 holes: $116, 570

4. Education Correlates to Income

Superintendents may make opt to become certified — by meeting certain enlightening and experience requirements —  earn an average of $119, 558, more than $20, 000 above the industry-wide figure.

2. It’s Better to be the Person in charge

The average salary for an témoin superintendent is $48, 481, roughly half the average on the top post.

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