Taylor Made

Taylor Made Golf is one of the largest companies that manufacturers golf club, balls, and accessories for the serious golfer. Founded in 1979 by Gary Adams, an entrepreneur who also started Founders Club and McHenry metals, Taylor Made has grown into a name synonymous with golf greatness.

While working as a salesman for Witteck Golf, Adams noticed that the new two piece balls performed better on irons than on true woods. This led him to develop the Taylor Made metal wood. The driver caught on quickly and Taylor Made has been a leader in hollow metal woods ever since.

Taylor Made continues to make innovations in the area of golf club design. They have come out with new hybrid golf clubs that are lighter and easier to swing. The drivers that Taylor Made produces are made of materials that make them easier to hit and as the club faces get larger and larger, Taylor Made has also joined in on the craze.

Many golfers, amateurs and professionals alike, swear by Taylor Made clubs. Their constantly improving design and performance have made them favorites on the pro circuit. Golfers are finding that they can get some real distance with Taylor Made drivers and their irons perform very well too.

Besides some of the greatest golf clubs in the world, Taylor Made also manufactures its own line of golf balls as well as producing Maxfli golf balls. Their two-piece balls come in a variety of specialized weights and compressions which can help you hit the ball farther and with more accuracy. Of course, that does depend somewhat on your swing as well!

Recently, Taylor Made acquired the Adidas corporation and are now adding golf shoes to their lineup of products. Their bags are durable and are a favorite among many golfers today. The present company is known as Taylor Made-Adidas Golf.

If you want to own a set of Taylor Made golf clubs, be prepared to pay quite a price for them ? especially if you are buying them new. But know that you are making an investment in your golf game and will be paying for quality clubs that can last you for a very, very long time.

Taylor Made?s drivers, hybrids, and fairway woods are used by more professionals than any other brand. There?s a reason why the pros choose Taylor Made for their club selections. If the pros think Taylor Made is worthy of playing, shouldn?t you too?