Should a hole-in-one on a short par 3 course count as an ace? Golfers are torn

Golfers on Reddit are debating whether or not a hole in one on a par 3 course should count as an ace. Check out what they say here.

The post Should a hole-in-one on a short par 3 course count as an ace? Golfers are torn appeared first on Golf.

Golfers on Reddit are debating whether or not a hole in one on a par 3 course should count as an ace. Check out what they say here.

The post Should a hole-in-one on a short par 3 course count as an ace? Golfers are torn appeared first on Golf.

Getting a hole-in-one is the ultimate goal for any golfer, as the rare feat is like catching a unicorn — since a player can go an entire lifetime without every capturing one.

Even if you’re the world’s worst golfer, getting a hole-in-one immediately brings street cred, and is the ultimate equalizer anytime a buddy tries to dog your golf skills.

But are all aces created equally? It’s a debate that’s causing quite the opinions on Reddit, with a whopping 235 people chiming in.

Imagine standing on the tee box of a short par 3 course with a hole that measures 100 yards or so. You stare down the shot, go through your pre-shot routine, commit to your aim and alignment, address the ball, and as you take your swing, you realize the ball is pin-seeking.

golf scorecard

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Next thing you know, the ball bounces short of the flagstick and decelerates, comfortably rolling right into the cup.

Congratulations, you just got a hole-in-one!

Jubilation ensues, with high-fives all around and cheers that can be heard on nearby holes. Everyone knows something magical just happened.

But because it’s on a par 3 course, does it constitute bragging rights? Some golfers say yes, and some say no — with their reasoning provided below.

Golfers debate whether a hole-in-one on a par 3 course counts as an ace

Per Reddit: “My buddy got a hole in one at The Hay in Pebble yesterday. Sparks a debate.. Does it count as an ace? If you ace a 40 yard hole on a par 3 course, is that different than acing a 160 yard par 3 on an 18 hole course?”

1. “Impressive? No. Is it an ace? Yes.”

2. “One shot is one shot. I’ve got a par 3 hole-in-one on my home course that plays 120 yards. Golf is weird, his counts!”

3. “I’d have a hard time counting a hole less than 100 yards. Is it a real hole of golf when it’s 60 yards, 50 yards, 40yards…? I’d be quick to give high fives and congratulations for others, but if I drained it, I’d feel bittersweet about it.”

4. “An ace is an ace, but there are differences. Pitching in from 40 yards is world’s apart from holing a 170-yard iron shot during a round. If you had a single hole-in-one and a room full of people asked you to explain the details, I bet you’d rather have a 170-yard shot in your story compared to a 40-yard shot.

5. “Technically, yes. Would I brag about it? No.”

6. “It’s definitely different. A ‘one’ is a one regardless, but when you tell someone it was a 40-yard hole, most people definitely won’t respect it the same. Personally. I wouldn’t call this a hole-in-one, I’d just tell people that I holed out from 40 yards.”

7. “It absolutely counts! My wife has a hole-in-one and I do not. Sure, it was an 80-yard grounder that went directly into the hole on a Pitch and Putt, but it still counts!”

8. “Yes it counts. I just wouldn’t be cutting the ball in half and framing it.”

viktor hovland

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9. “It counts if you guys want it to count. It’s not like there’s going to be a vote or anything to judge its validity. It was a tee shot. It went in the hole. He wrote ‘1’ on the scorecard. Seems pretty simple to me.”

10. “Had this conversation on the course this morning. One guy responded, ‘Hell yeah it counts…But I will make fun of you if it was a 68 yard par 3.’ I think this is fair.”

11. “Ehhh, I personally wouldn’t feel the same about it. If you have to disclose a bunch of info [about the shot and circumstances] the answer is probably no.”

12. “It counts as an ace on a par 3 course. Par 3 courses and regular golf courses are two separate things. Still an achievement to be happy with and proud off.”

13. “He got a hole-in-one, but if he tells people that without adding ‘on a par 3 course,’ then he’s being disingenuous.”

14. “I mean, technically it counts as a hole-in-one, but would I compare it to a normal length par 3? No.”

15. “What do you write on the scorecard? Yes, it’s a hole-in-one.”

16. “I’d say anything over a 100-yard tee box counts. Anything Pitch and Putt is essentially mini golf.”

17. “I got one from 40 yards on my Pitch and Putt course and I count it, but not to the extent of a full-blown shot off the tee from a par 3 on a ‘full course’.”

18. “It’s definitely different, but it’s still a hole-in-one.”

Jordan Spieth, rules official

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19. “[Reminder] the 15th hole at LACC played 81 yards in the third round at the U.S. Open this year… so, yes, your friend’s counts.”

20. “I’m not counting anything on a par 3 course other than practice.”

21. “Yes, all aces matter. I don’t care if it’s a 75-yard par 3. You still sunk it!”

22. “Was it his first shot on the hole? That’s the answer.”

23. “How else would you define a hole-in-one other than your ball going into the cup on the first stroke? It’s the same regardless of whether it’s 40 yards or 200 yards.”

24. “No matter how long the hole was, it’s still an ace or the par of the course.”

25. “40 yards isn’t an ace! that’s practically a chip-in.”

26. “It’s different, and should be counted as a hole-in-one with an asterisk. No other way to look at it.”

27. “To be honest, I’d probably make a joke out of it by being overly proud about it among my friends.”

28. “If you have to write a ‘1’ on a scorecard, it counts as an ace. We don’t course shame here.”

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29. “They keep track of the hole-in-ones at the par 3 contest at Augusta the day before The Masters. That tells me a hole-in-one on any par 3 course counts!”

30. “I had four hole-in-ones playing putt putt last week. Does that count?”

While some golfers say yes, and some say no, it’s a fun debate worth having, isn’t it?

Personally speaking, I’m with the folks who argue that a hole-in-one is a hole-in-one no matter what the distance is. If you’re able to get your ball into a 4.25-inch-hole in the ground with just one shot, you should be able to celebrate and pop champagne — along with boasting about it for eternity.

The cut-off point? When you start bragging about aces in putt-putt — because that’s just wrong.

In the meantime, happy hunting, fellow golfers!

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