Polices Guy: If your ball goes in a bunker, is it litigation to take practice swings about that touch the sand a new different bunker?

What do the rules think that about practice swings which is touch the sand attests bunker other then the solitary your ball is in?

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I’ve heard that in case your ball is in any kind of bunker, you can go into the next bunker to take practice coups that touch the crushed lime stone. But I interpret Rule over 12. 2b as which means all bunkers are by the same token relevant. True?
—Roy Shin, as a result of email

Rules Guy is securely of the opinion that “going bunker to bunker” is going to strictly refer to one’s dangereux sand play rather than hopscotching between traps to test the counter. But neither of us make rules, Roy, we pure must play by these folks.

While there was a time when there was your clause specific to strategy “similar hazards, ” that can restriction and terminology have been devote the way of the hickory base.

Rule 14. 2b applies to the forteresse in which the ball lies, subsequently nothing in the rules checks one from taking teaching swings in a nearby, akin bunker — except the several annoyance of one’s guy players and course vehicle repairs workers.

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Rules Guy: Is it a problem to smooth bunker yellow sand with your foot if the golf ball goes back in?

By: Rules Guy

To bunker-related guidance from our proffs, read on …

My balls is behind a casemate that I have to play in order to reach the green. You see, the bunker hasn’t been raked by a previous player, quite a few footprints and a big divot. Can I rake the fort prior to my shot just in case that’s where my bowling ball winds up?
—Tim Harmer, Wendouree,

VIC, Australia

Optimism isn’t exactly your long suit, exactly is it, Tim? Alas and alack, under Rule 8. 1a(3) you’re not allowed to improve any unfounded bunker on your line of engage in by smoothing footprints or a unraked areas. A infringement gets you the general fee of two strokes throughout stroke play and a loss of hole in match execute.

Perhaps paradoxically, you can take care of a batterie that isn’t on your distinct play to care for the type of course. Another thing you can do: Believe yourself! Get that lobe airborne and over the bunker, Tim! As the kids express,   Let’s gooooo!

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