Pros generate power and distance by using their feet. Here’s how you can, too

Looking for more power and distance off the tee? GOLF Top 100 Teacher Brian Mogg explains why it all starts with using your feet properly.

The post Pros generate power and distance by using their feet. Here’s how you can, too appeared first on Golf.

Looking for more power and distance off the tee? GOLF Top 100 Teacher Brian Mogg explains why it all starts with using your feet properly.

The post Pros generate power and distance by using their feet. Here’s how you can, too appeared first on Golf.

It’s no secret that you need to use your feet in the golf swing. But doing so and doing so correctly are two very different things.

What’s the goal of every golf shot? To hit it flush. The best way to accomplish that is by rotating properly and making sure your clubface is square at impact. This is where understanding how to use your feet the right way is so imperative, as it can be the difference between an OK shot and a great one.

By using your feet properly, you can maximize the “coil” motion of your golf swing, giving you the ability to load up in the backswing before coming through impact.

Some of the greatest ball-strikers ever have used their feet as an advantage, and GOLF Top 100 Teacher Brian Mogg explains how you — yes, you, the mid-handicapper — can do the same. Once you understand the basics, you can generate more power and start to experience farther shots. So check out Mogg’s tips below.

How to generate more power by using your feet in the golf swing

Ask any golfer what they want (especially from off the tee), and they’ll tell you more distance and better accuracy. While the latter is something that requires some work, the former is something that can happen almost instantly — so long as you know a few tips for more power.

In the video above, Mogg explains how your feet can be the secret ingredient for unlocking more power.

“[Jack] Nicklaus and [Tom] Watson both let their front heel come up off the ground,” Mogg says. “It’s a great way to help you increase some coil going back.”

But Mogg says that planting your front foot the right way can also help increase distances.

“It’s the planting, the connection to the ground, and the separation that you want to make sure you do,” he adds. “If you’re looking for a little extra power and a little more kick into your shots, it’s OK to let that front heel come up, plant it, and be aggressive through for more power.”

The Swing Plate Base

The Swing Plate (new model)
Developed by PGA Professional Jamie Brittain. Manufactured in the UK and distributed by GTA in the US and Canada.  The 2021 version of the standard Swing Plate has 1 swing plane rod and 2 ground target rods (3 rods total), essentially extending the target line. The bracket for the swing plane rod includes a sticker with degree angle markings from 0 to 90 degrees.
You can order the product with or without the alignment rods, but the shipping is quite a bit cheaper for the ‘base only’ model if you have your own golf alignment rods. The rod holders fit 8mm (0.315″) diameter rods which are the standard size for nearly all alignment sticks sold.
When you Purchase any SwingPlate® Product from us you will receive access to the New Video Coaching Library – Produced by the Founder of The Swing Plate training products and PGA Professional – Jamie Brittain.We have put together a collection of videos that we feel are sure to help you get the most value out of your Swing Plate Training Aid and take your game to the next level!
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Furthermore.. we will continue to add to the Video Library on a regular basis to give you continued support and show you even more ways in which the Swing Plate can be utilized for your practice.  You will see the original model shown in one of the supplemental pictures. An extra rod holder was added to the backside of the plate so the product could be used right or left-handed without having to modify anything or so the player could extend the target line both toward and away from the ball.  Shown below, @GolfGirlEm sets up with the original Swing Plate base and standard 8mm alignment rods.    Use your Swing Plate effectively and you will make improvements Whether you ‘come over the top’, have a ‘flat backswing’, or ‘sway’ in the backswing, you can learn to manage your tendencies through the correct use of your Swing Plate. Practice anywhere Your Swing Plate is ideal for use on the range, at home, or in an indoor swing studio. Fits your own alignment rods!  (standard 8 mm rod diameter which is the most common size)  The new Swing Plate (2021 model) is shown here. It has an extra rod holder welded onto the plate so you would use 2 rods on the ground and 1 for the swing plane (3 total rods). Practice with precision The quality construction allows for consistent, purposeful, and precise practice. The Swing Plate is fully adjustable for both RH & LH golfers. The new 2021 models also have a calibrated angle sticker so you can set your swing plane to a specific angle and easily return to the same position each practice session. 
Looking for the extension pole as well? 
We now proudly offer the new (2021) extension pole as an accessory to your Swing Plate. It is available as a separate item and you may see a ‘bundle’ offer for it as well on our site. If you want the ultimate swing plane training experience, be sure to add the new telescoping pole. 
  A Personal Coach Part of The Swing Plate’s commitment to you is to assist you with your development. You will be assigned your own personal PGA Coach who can help tailor specific advice and swing plane drills with alignment sticks for you with your Swing Plate.   FAQ  Does it come with alignment sticks? You can purchase the base only or the base with rods. The Swing Plate fits all standard alignment sticks. If you get the original base with rods you get 2 rods. If you get the new Dual with rods you get 3 rods.  Will it fall over?
No. It is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel and due to its surface area and weight, it will not fall over. It is sturdy and strong. The base plate weighs 800 grams. (1.76 lbs.) Is it suitable for Left-Handers?
Yes! The Swing Plate can be used for both right and left-handed players. 
Will it fit in my golf bag? Yes. It is portable and small enough to fit in a golf bag pocket. It even includes a soft drawstring carry pouch.  Can the angle be locked?
If you are not going to adjust the angle, you can use a spanner or wrench to tighten the bolt. Out of the box, the setting nut will keep the rod holder in place but you can still move it without having to loosen the nut. 
  “The Swing Plate is an invaluable tool for every level of golfer. It is both portable and versatile” Liam JamesEuropean Tour Coach Swing Plane If you have a ‘flat’ backswing; to work on the functional swing plane, simply place a golf ball 1 club-head length away from the alignment stick that’s on the floor & adjust your other alignment stick so it is matching your shaft address position with the club you are using.
Weight TransferPlace The Swing Plate behind you and angle it so your alignment stick is about 3 inches to the target side of your target leg. Your goal on the downswing is to nudge it. Backswing Sway Place your Swing Plate behind you and angle your alignment stick next to your trail leg or hip. Your goal should be to make a backswing without touching the stick.
Unwanted Head Movement
You will need to join 2 alignment sticks together or use a cane, but by placing a stick against your head you can monitor any unwanted head movement.
  Body Rotation  If you tend to lift your arms up instead of rotating your body on the backswing, you can place your golf ball about 1 club head width inside the alignment stick that is on the floor. Your goal is to turn your body and arms together so the club goes underneath the angled stick which is at the same angle as the club shaft you are using.

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The post Pros generate power and distance by using their feet. Here’s how you can, too appeared first on Golf.