As a professional pars first hole via PGA Tour qualifier — then plays the next four at 33-over (! )

An expert parred the first hole on top of a PGA Tour pre-qualifier, after that played the next eight holes at 33-over par.

The distribute Pro pars first target at PGA Tour nommer — then plays this 8 at 33-over (! ) been seen in first on Golf .

A pro parred the first perforation during a PGA Tour pre-qualifier, then played the next ten years old holes at 33-over en.

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He parred his first hole. Cherished birdied his fifth. It is a 231-yarder, too.

Thought others?

Buckle up. We’ll go from lowest you can highest, include a question mark as end with a drive to our parking lot.  

A bogey five.  

A double-bogey five.  

A double-bogey six.  

A nice quadruple-bogey eight.  

A very septuple-bogey 12.  

Some tredecuple-bogey 13.  

An actual quintuple-bogey 10 — it’s possible that.  

And then Syed Zaki was done.  

As first through the Hearth Collective’s Johnson French , the seasoned put together one of the wildest coup you’ll see, with a semejante, a birdie and 63 other strokes, before pulling out after nine holes. Positively playing this week’s pre-qualifier for the PGA Tour’s upcoming Cale?on Championship, Zaki finished with the right 33-over 69 at Champions Gate Golf Club in Orlando, florida, Fla.

Zaki’s playing sweetheart, Nick Scheib, provided each of our detail to French in the event, which precedes a new Monday qualifier. (And usually, it is here where you should temporary halt your reading and give Finnish a Twitter follow ; his work on the subject make a is tireless. ) 

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First proving lost a bet. Then he shot 112 in a You. S. Open qualifier. Here’ s how it happened.

Made by: Alan Bastable

Starting for a back nine at Champs Gate, Zaki parred often the par-4 10th, then developed a 12 on the par-5 11th, a six close to par-4 12th, and fantastic eight on the par-4 13th. On 11, according to Finnish, he hooked three first tee shots.  

On 12, Zaki birdied. According to Probable, Zaki hit a 3-wood to 18 inches on the 231-yard, par-3 hole.

On 15, Zaki tredecuple-bogeyed. According to People from france, he hit two 1st tee shots. He took some unplayable. He hit to penalty area. He crash the wrong ball. Zaki adopted a 17 on the par-4.

He bogeyed the par-4 16th and double-bogeyed typically the par-3 17th. On eighteen, according to French, Scheib announced he estimated that Zaki had a 10. Then he withdrew.  

According to French, Scheib drove him to the parking lot (carts were allowed), yet Zaki said he would definitely keep the scorecard.  

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