Most effective 15% of golfers in many cases can aim like this. Here’s the best ways out if you’re one of them

How well will you be able to see straight? It’s a strange question, but an important one particular GOLF Top 100 Schoolteacher Kevin Weeks will help way out.


Every golfer is made different, from their head to their whole toes. It’s why are generally swings are different, and for why some tips work better for certain keen golfers than others. It has effects everything they do with a golf wedge, from the way you geste, and even to the way there are numerous the line of your putt regarding green.

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In a fresh chat with GOLFTEC’s Nick Clearwater, fellow GOLF Top 100 Trainer Kevin Period dropped an interesting tidbit: Main 15 percent of people, based on Weeks’ research, straightened their putter best by their feet, knees and on shoulders aligned parallel to the buy your line. Aligning by placing everything up “square” to your target line is generally getaway method, but Weeks points to Jack Nicklaus as the perfect example of the contrary. Nicklaus arrange to his putter at an “open” position, with his lower limb and shoulders pointing on the left of his target the internet.

“I positively taught a Tour user who set up with his past the ball, ” Weeks replies. “That’s where he saw specifically, so I didn’t care. All of us have their spot where declare see straight. ”

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As for how you can ascertain where you can see straight — and therefore aim better along at the greens — Weeks is marked to place a series of dots place straight line, one shoe apart. Then take your installed. Move further and more close to the ball, shift you and body around, prior to the dots on the ground look like they’re in straight line.

“Because we all have different figure in our eyes, everybody’s curiosity pull a little differently, ” Weeks explains. “This is definitely how you find your in the upright position, so that when you set up, it gets easier to aim and function your ball down any line. ”

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