‘Just tap it in: ‘ Pro explains bizarre Blissful Gilmore-style putting approach

Spencer Levin Monday-qualified into the Shriners Youngster’s Open field using Completely happy Gilmore’s putting style. Profoundly.

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Spencer Levin Monday-qualified through the Shriners Children’s Open arena using Happy Gilmore’s laying style. Seriously.

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Uh-oh! Spencer learned how to putt. Long-time PGA Tour and Korn Ferry Tour pro Gradzino Levin good Monday-qualified into the field at the week’ s Shriners Children’ s Open with a exotic putting style that gives a feel of a certain “ Gold Jacket” winner from 1996.

In the way of the legendary Grateful Gilmore , Levin might be putting with a split strike and his right hand over halfway down the putter shaft like he’ s preparing for a hockey slap result.

“ I just heard another person saying [it looked like Happy Gilmore] when somebody was the use of [the putter], ” Levin told PGATour. com at the video you can watch above. “ Like when a buddy as to mine was grabbing which it, another guy came approach and he goes, ‘ What’ s up Happy Gilmore ? ‘”

It’ s wide-spread we see pros try to imitate finally the running-up swing of Gilmore on the light range or long take contests, but rarely buy we seen a pro contemplate his putting method for your practice green, let alone toward a PGA Tour event.

The game movie fans will try to remember Gilmore’ s putting was a weakness right until his entente with Shooter McGavin together with the Tour Championship; his apply for ultimately earning him amply money to save his grandma’ s house.

Levin, having said that, said he started the tip a few months ago.

“ I just wasn’ t putting very good, ” Levin said, giving a root-cause of why his golf ball generally was too good for a home. “ I was sort of fooling around with a split-grip on a normal putter whereas I remembered that most common old man had this putter in his garage where up to now kind of designed [to be used] the way I’ d doing it. ”

happy gilmore

There’ ring a real-life Happy Gilmore (yep, that’ s his / her name), and he’ amazing really good at golf

Created by: Alan Bastable

The first day the narrator put the unique flatstick doing play he made 11 birdies and said he hasn’ t thought about trying a special putter since. It was during the bag this week for the Shriners Children’ s Open Monday qualifier, where he fired a great eight-under 64 to grab purchase four spots available and make his first PGA Excursion start since the 2020 release of the event.

Levin told the HammY putter is without question designed to have the left coin and forearm anchored from the torso. Since that’ which usually now illegal, he flares the left elbow outward, which seemingly looks nearer to how Adam Sandler putted in the 90s comedy staple.

“ When I’ t struggling, I’ m contemplating too much. The less i can think about and still be able to touched your line is definitely the solution to use I think, ” Levin exclaimed. “ Hopefully I’ empieza got more to that narrative. ”

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