Exactly golf helped this comedian build a loyal following

On this week’s episode of GOLF Subpar, Bob Does Sports execute Robby Berger discussed the reasons why he decided to become a golf-content creator.

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On this week’s episode because of GOLF Subpar, Bob Genuinely does Sports host Robby Bergerot discussed why he decided i would become a golf-content creator.

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Like so many mostly who picked up the game , it was not a pretty begin building for comedian Robby Berger.

“ We started performing it, and I mean, I was women horrible, ” Berger — known to many as the host linked Dollar Does Sports — told Colt Knost & Drew Stoltz on the freshest Subpar episode. “ I must say i was. I was awful. ”

The host of the Greg Does Sports Podcast wanted to say despite his struggle if he started playing about 4 or 5 years ago, it didn’ r take him long to locate a passion for the game.

“ My buddy got revealed to into it, ” Berger explained. “ We would just go out and and play, but , prefer, I fell in love with it. Post loved it. ”

When Berger great co-hosts, Fat Perez and as well as Joe Demare, started earning videos under the Bob Will that really Sports name, they witnessed something about their golf soluble fiber.

“ Everything that we were following through on video-wise, we noticed — I did like a lot of comedy stuff — the playing stuff is what was impacting, ” he said. “ So we were just, because, all right, we’ re pure going to keep feeding those golf stuff.

“ Associated with didn’ t really know what there was. But when we started carrying it out and originally Bob Executes Sports was — we were going to be going to a different job every week, which would have been nearly impossible for us to sustain like a doing, like, a different college or university football game, whatever this was, and doing man-on-the-street product there. But when we developed doing the golf course stuff, workers loved to see that. So we just kept firing so stuff up and, that is why, it’ s pretty splendid. ”

Now, Bob Will do Sports has more than 330, 000 followers on Instagram and their videos are specifically about golf. And, in harmony with his co-host Perez, Berger’ s game has come quite a distance.

“ It’ s course better than when you and I the first started playing together, ” Perez said.

For more within Bob Does Sports not to mention Fat Perez, including continue to keep decision to quit their career and pursue golf message full-time, which PGA Gira star they’ ve most of enjoyed working with and how it’ s felt for “ Bobby Heckles” to become a obtrusive voice at events, research the full episode below.

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