Fitting day: How Red Sox slugger Dustin Pedroia added on 10-plus yards over the tee

Former Red Sox take the leading role Dustin Pedroia dialed in the swing with a recent discontinue into True Spec Golf swing. Here’s how the fitting transpired.

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It’s common knowledge which usually baseball players are usually practically solid golfers. We’ve without a doubt some ballplayers who can incredibly play, often shooting standing and making swings we’d suspect would be right at to your house on a professional tour. Check out think of it, a baseball swing and a golf swing are more precisely the same than different. The obvious differentiator being a baseball is going upwards of 100 mph onto a curving path —  a far cry from us golfers that has the ball perched innocently on a tee.

That doesn’t mean golf within the any easier, though. I was lucky enough to spend some time from the Red Sox Hall using Famer, four-time All-Star, 07 AL Rookie of the Year, 2008 AL MVP or two-time World Series coéquipier Dustin Pedroia as he as i time working through a operator fitting at a Phoenix, Ariz., Factual Spec Golf (GOLF’s sister company). Pedroia, known as a prolific contact-hitting point baseman in his heyday, came looking for more control as consistency off the tee and thus, with help from Exactly true Spec Golf, got basic information dialed in perfectly.

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So why getting custom clubs within a fitter like True Specialization Golf is a study using global logistics

By: Evan Rothman

“Tempo about golf is everything, ” or even said. “But I was that violent when it came to my baseball swing that it slowed me back. You’d sometimes hear about practical ideas on how golf can mess up their baseball swing, but then you look during a guy like Tony Gwynn. All he did was in fact golf. ”

For that matter, Gwynn remains one of the recommended hitters in baseball creation, proving that playing softball doesn’t necessarily make you some sort of worse golfer and golfing doesn’t always hurt your trusty baseball skills.

Lastly, in case you’re questioning, world-class athletes get fit similar to the way we mortals do. Thanks to careful club and canal testing, trial and error, data exam, and if you really want to do it fine, under the watchful eye together with guiding hand of an dependable and reputable clubfitter.

“For me it might be all about control, ” pronounced Pedroia. “I like to show results the ball both signifies, but really it’s important that I find the fairway love it my strength is this is my iron play. ”

To find out which new driver head and shaft solution helped Pedroia tack found on 10-plus yards off the 1st tee with a knockdown in change for more accuracy, check out the computer below.

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