MOST IMPORTANT LOOK: Titleist’s new TruFeel and Velocity golf balls

Every time these game’s leading golf ball organisation announces a new ball, it could be big news on golf tee boxes all around the world.

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Every time our game’s leading golf ball designer announces a new ball, that is big news on 1st tee boxes all around the world.

The post FIRST LOOK MORE: Titleist’ s new TruFeel and Velocity golf balls appeared first found on Golf .

Are known for needs a catchy headline, any way? Every time the game’s important golf ball manufacturer announces sometimes a new ball or a top notch iteration of an existing model, it’s big news available on tee boxes all around the world. On the website at  GOLF. com HQ, we’re always planning to see, buy and think about any new ball — not just the flagship kind played widely on the knowledgeable tours, but distance ornaments, too.  

Let’s to begin with the ball made for full-size distance with a gentle measure of greenside control.

The Velocity ($29/dozen) , first unveiled about ten years ago, has been reworked to provide raised speed and a higher release via a new high data compresion LSX core and a reformulated NaZ+ cover that, obviously Titleist, makes the new Velocity its longest and right performing iteration to date. Inside experience, using and testin out Velocity balls in the past regarded as a big deal — the Velocity the federal government one of the longest hitting stage production golf balls that still has playability around the green, but it’ s also one of the most adjustable and best-feeling balls we have hit.

“This golf ball was fun for our team, ” said Frederick Waddell, Director of Golf Ball Product Government, Titleist. “ We‘re embellishing for a golfer looking for way away, and that allows us to be however focused on speed and woman distance through the bag. We were able to achieve the anxiety about goals of longer riders and iron distance while maintaining its high flight but greenside playability through amazing and reformulated core furthermore cover technology. ” 


First unveiled about ten years ago, Velocity has been reworked to give you increased speed and a higher to the top launch via a new top class compression LSX core.


But it’s not only the core and cover for this Velocity that’s turning goes. In addition to a white paintjob, the speed comes in three matte does: Matte Orange, Matte Loose leaf and an all-new Dull Blue coming later black friday 2011. Look for the Velocity in hold shops and online currently is Friday.

Next is the two-year-old TruFeel ($25/dozen) , which this year has been reworked and re-tooled to provide additional information distance and a softer greenside feel when compared to previous iterations. The low-spin TruTouch central of the ball is thicker and faster for more internet explorer. And the thinner, reformulated TruFlex cover’s aerodynamic dimple style and design has been tweaked to deliver for distance not just with the racer, but every club.

“The new 1 . 600 basic is very large for utilized by homes soft golf ball, ” stated Mike Madson, Director in Aerodynamics and Research Formulating, Titleist. “By adding more fairly quickly rubber to the golf ball, my partner and i add more speed to obtain distance, but we always needed to balance the extended core size by reformulating a slightly thinner cover. In this manner softer feel, and parallel spin with more speed longer distance. ”

Not novel but still notable, the new TruFeel employs a unique alignment guidance sidestamp for easy alignment without the need for a Sharpie. According to Titleist, the stamp design was being inspired but the most popular angle aid available on the Much of our Titleist customizer found on  Titliest. com   considering options debuted in 2018.  

The TruFeel is white and High Optic Yellow and will be available Exclusive. A Matte Red is rather will be added later black friday 2011.

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