FIRST LOOK: Scotty Cameron 2023 Super Select putters

A new face milling and neck design are the key technologies behind Scotty Cameron’s latest line of putters.

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A new face milling and neck design are the key technologies behind Scotty Cameron’s latest line of putters.

The post FIRST LOOK: Scotty Cameron 2023 Super Select putters appeared first on Golf.

Scotty Cameron’s Super Select putters ($449) will be available March 17 in six head shapes — Newport, Newport Plus, Newport 2, Newport 2 Plus, Newport 2.5 Plus and Squareback 2. Super Select Del Mar, Fastback 1.5, Golo 6 and Golo 6.5 drop May 19.

Above all, Scotty Cameron’s 2023 Super Select line is a reminder that the putter designer listens. Golfers have been clamoring for simple, industrial looks — and that’s exactly what they’re getting with Cameron’s first release of the year.

“I’m going back 20 years ago, I got beat up on having too much engraving, too much paint, too much glitz and glam,” Cameron said. “I wanted this part to speak from its milling techniques versus its engraving and paint-fill techniques. It gives it a cool factor and craftsmanship.”

Paint fill is almost non-existent on Super Select to give it a clean look. But there’s a design benefit as well. Cameron wanted to save weight from certain areas on the head, so he took weight out of places like the neck and bombs in the cavity to net around 10 grams of discretionary weight that was placed between the heel-toe weights.

“The extra weight makes the putter more forgiving with a higher overall MOI,” Cameron said. “It’s just a better product overall.”

The dual-milled face milling technology combines softness and consistency. Titleist

For some golfers, the I-beam neck design and notch (on models with a plumber’s neck) might look familiar. The I-beam has been used in the past by Cameron to strategically move weight to other areas within the head. (The neck design is part of every model in the lineup, outside of the Super Select Del Mar and Golo 6.)

As for the notch, it was first introduced with the popular Mil-Spec as a way to efficiently adjust loft and lie without negatively altering the neck.

“We did a Mil-Spec where we had a notch in the back to bend around,” Cameron said. “I hate seeing pro shops bend the putter, and the neck wants to bend at the lower portion of the neck, where I want it to bend higher to keep the neck straight. By weakening that, it’s going to go to the weakest point. So the notch removes weight and makes it weaker so when you do bend it, it bends in the proper area.”

Super Select has a minimalist look. Titleist

Cameron made sure to pay special attention to the milled dots in the cavity and face milling as well. The dual-milled face technology is a new process for Cameron, who wanted to find a middle ground, in terms of feel, between his shallow and deep milling.

“We currently have a mid-mill, and we used to have a deep mill,” he said. “We still have players ask for a deeper mill, but this one is right in between. We deep-mill and then fly-cut the face to give it a mid-mill. The ball is hitting less material to create a distinct sound and feel, but it should still feel on the softer side at impact.”

To tune the sound and feel further, internal ribs were sandwiched between the milled dots in the cavity for added strength.

The Super Select line consists of six distinct models, including the traditional Newport. Titleist

“I could have easily milled the pocket deeper, but then we get into a sound issue,” Cameron said. “So I leave the bombs there with ribs in between for added strength. The strength keeps the sound, and sound keeps the feel. Let’s not design to design, let’s design to make it better.”

Golfers will also notice Cameron added customizable tungsten heel-toe weights, for weighting purposes, increasing the premium feel of the blades. The Plus and mallet models feature stainless steel weight due to the additional width of each profile. (The blades are made from 303 stainless steel; the mallets and Plus models are crafted from 6061 aircraft aluminum.)

While the grip tends to get lost in the design, Cameron added a specific grip model to each putter to provide the ideal swing weight, balance and feel. Blade-style and Plus models come equipped with a textured Pistolini Plus grip — a smaller design with a thicker feel through the lower part of the grip. A textured Pistolero Plus grip with a larger profile in the top hand near the butt of the grip — it’s also slightly heavier — is paired with the mid-mallets and Del Mar.

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The post FIRST LOOK: Scotty Cameron 2023 Super Select putters appeared first on Golf.