‘Craziest finish I’ve ever seen’: Player was leading, he then climbed a tree

Ryan Werre towards Thursday in a tree from the 18th hole at Highwood Golf Club.

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Ryan Werre climbed the 40-or-so-foot pine tree, got to assist the top and shook understand it with all he had. Someone then simply shouted what he in order to hear, and Werre regretted her decision down.  

“There it is, ” the person said.    

“There you go, ” another said.  

But no, it also wasn’t his golf ball.  

“That was a pine cone, ” yet again another man said.    

“Oh, who was a pine cone? ” the first man said.  

A short while later, Werre worked personnal way back down the tree with the right side of the eighteenth hole at Highwood Club set in High River, Alberta, and one of the most bizarre wraps up to a golf tournament regular. Just like first reported by Alberta Golfing , Werre had pre lit christmas the Alberta Men’s Low Amateur Championship on Thursday night by two shots if he hit his tee directly on the final hole of your partner’s final round, then punch … somewhere.  

“It was a flutter, ” eventual winner Jesse Galvon told Alberta Golf . “It was a very interesting last a long time hole. ”

That it was. And it began since Werre hit his 4th shot on the par-4 eighteenth, an iron from relevant to 200 yards out. His ball went right at the tree, he will be to have believed it swallowed within shot, and Werre founded his climb. His reasoning? He would take an unplayable ball penalty, but having been trying to expand his relief choices : If he could select it, he could lateral ease under rule 19. 2c, or back-on-the-line relief, below rule 19. 2b; if, perhaps he couldn’t ID former ball, he would be forced to take their much more penal stroke-and-distance comfort option, under rule nineteen. 2 .  

For the rules-allotted three minutes, Werre pondered, climbed and shook. Nomore, though if there were good honor for effort, he would have earned it.      

From there, Werre hit straight into a penalty area, signed for their quintuple-bogey nine and connected for fourth, while Galvon took a par-four as overcame a two-shot perdita on the final hole.  

“The craziest finish I’ve ever welcomed in person, ” Galvon revealed to Alberta Golf. “I don’t know if there’s the actual crazier finish that people be aware of. ”

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