An pro’s driver was messed with. The epic solution features a curse

Thomas Bjorn’s driver was messed with before acciona Open de Espana first round. The legendary response features a curse.

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Jones Bjorn’s driver was messed with ahead of the acciona Open up de Espana first on. The epic response comprises of curse.

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Though if that’s absence of a warning, and should you have to do so anyway, which supposedly someone did, allow him to compute the punishment.  

Bjorn , single purpose talented players of the size of his generation on the European Expedition, and a successful Ryder Tumbler captain, is also creative, it is, though diabolically so. Knowing that, we go to Twitter, may be where Bjorn went if he found the settings in the driver were manipulated sooner than Thursday’s acciona Open p Espana first round.

Your dog have written this 15-word curse .  

“To the individual who changed the options on my driver overnight in just the bag store…

“May you may wake up every morning all through your life with bleeding haemorrhoids. ”

OK then.  

Fortunately for Bjorn, the doctor said he caught usually the adjustment on the range, even so he shot a four-over 75, and is 12 golf swings out of the lead. The coverage was one of several in an shall be Q& A on Twitter after his original twitter.    

“Didn’t definitely see anything on the range? ” @dlnoch wrote .  

“Of course I did.. ” Bjorn replied. Then wrote: “Never related this to my s**t golf today”

Wrote @AlanCantrell29 : “Sorry to hear that. Maybe honestly, that is why Nelson Hogan Palmer Trevino Floyd kept his or her clubs with them all the time…. ”

“Definitely a good idea, ” Bjorn responded.  

Wrote @spoa22mo : “All the old timers that used to shoot in the carbs 60s with persimmon owner drivers are sure hoping you may don’t blame a bad available on your “driver settings”….. ”

“I didn’t blame most common bad round on that…” Bjorn responded.  

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Wrote @DeepCaper : “Go handle it again like a man with the Golf iron and not spout off maybe a whiny child to the Twitterverse. This is not how people right from Denmark typically resolve the problems. Very poor representation by the part” — to which Bjorn responded with four smiling emojis, to which @DeepCaper reacted with three laughing emojis, to which Bjorn responded which has two laughing emojis.  

Wrote @JensVagland : “But of course yourself saw that on the span and no one leaves hom without their driver settings”

“So that makes it ok? ” Bjorn responded.  

Wrote @AlasdairReed3 : “That Sergio Garcia’ ise a proper rascal. ”

“What a weird reply.. ” Bjorn responded.  

We will end the responses with this one:

Gave them @The Lucky Swine : “No way you’re considering such a formidable curse while not experiencing it. Prayers up…”

Bjorn responded with a laughing emoji.

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