top ways to book an Old Education course at St . Andrews 1st tee time, according to an expert

The Old Course throughout St . Andrews.

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Ed. note: As a part of rollout of our first-ever getting ranked of the Top 100 Courses in just the U. K and Ireland in europe , we invited InsideGOLF cricketers to an exclusive live Zoom chat with our ratings czar Ran Morrissett, GOLF experience writer and course rater Josh Sens and a additionally member of our rating control panel, Gordon Dalgleish, president to golf travel company PerryGolf. Among the topics covered by our very own expert panel: yep, method to land an Old Course 1st tee time (at the 08: 33 mark). Check out the video recording below for one of many extra benefits that is available exclusive ly to InsideGOLF members for only $20/year! Ready to join? You can do so here.


How to land the perfect coveted tee time about the home of golf?

You could get your game fit and healthy and try to qualify for the next Allow Championship at the Old Course .

But then you would have to wait until 2026.

Let’s get you out sooner, with guidance from the Gordon Dalgleish president akin to golf travel company PerryGolf.

1 . Submit a web-based application

You could possibly go straight to the source and make an attempt at your luck through the St Andrews Links Trust’s once-a-year advance reservation program. It accepts applications for intervals twice a year. The first deadline is in early September. The second reason is in early January. You must have as a minimum two golfers in your demographic and no more than eight. On your own application, you are asked to successfully request the dates you would like to play the Old Tutorials, as well as one of the other courses within a Links Trust fold. You may seven altogether. Applications become selected randomly, but your likelihood of getting on this way are skinny, Dalgleish says, as “demand is off the charts. ”

2 . The ballot

Other called the Daily Ballot, even though that’s not exactly right, compared to it’s held every it should be realized Friday. It runs shopping mall lottery. You enter name, and hope you’re harvested. It happens 48 hours sooner rather than later, so that Monday’s ballot maintains Wednesday play, Tuesday’s boule is for Thursday, and so on the week. There is no ballot on top of Friday because on Sundays, the Old Course morphs from your local neighborhood golf course into a public “p”.

the well-established course at st andrews.

St Andrews Old Course which will, greens fees for the iconic links

By: Josh Berhow

3. Put your name on the waiting list

It doesn’t benefit from much simpler than this. Since you early as a single then talk to the starter, who will put your name on a hanging list. If a slot loads, and your name is following this, off you go.

4. Go through an operator

Dozens of personal operators, including Perry Are generally, have contracts with the Home page Trust that give them having a bundle of tee intervals, which they can book all over 12 to 15 months prematurely. You’ll pay extra supposed this route. But with be comes convenience, and a guarantee that you’ll get to golf your personal ball around these longstanding grounds.

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